Low level, open source networking.

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Hazel Networking is a low-level networking library for C# providing connection orientated, message based communication via TCP, UDP and RUDP.

Its aim is to provide a standardized interface for web communication so that using and switching between protocols is incredibly simple.

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HTML documentation, tutorials, and quickstarts are available on the website; there's also support available through email or Hazel's thread on the Unity forums where you'll also find updates and other news. If you want to make improvements, send us a PR. If you find bugs, raise issues so we can fix them!


  • TCP, UDP, Reliable UDP and (at some point) Web Sockets
  • Completely thread safe
  • All protocols are connection oriented (similar to TCP) and message based (similar to UDP)
  • Standardised interface so that all protocols can be used interchangeably with each other
  • IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • Automatic statistics about data passing in and out of connections
  • Designed to be as fast and leightweight as possible

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