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DarkRift Namespace

[Missing <summary> documentation for "N:DarkRift"]

Public classBigEndianHelper
Helper class for writing primitives to arrays in big endian format.
Public classDarkRiftReader
Helper class for converting byte buffers into their original components during deserialization.
Public classDarkRiftWriter
Helper class for serializing values into byte buffers.
Public classDeserializeEvent
Describes the deserialization in progress.
Public classMessage
Message class for all messages sent through DarkRift.
Public classMessageBuffer
Holds raw data related to a message.
Public classSerializeEvent
DEscribes the serialization in progress.
Public interfaceIDarkRiftSerializable
Interface for specifying how an object is serialized and deserialized.
Public enumerationConnectionState
Indicated the current state of the connection between server and client.
Public enumerationIPVersion
IP addressing modes.
Public enumerationLogType
The level of logging that is associated with a log entry.
Public enumerationSendMode
The send mode to govern how messages are sent.