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Welcome, and it’s nice to know you want to learn DarkRift! This e-book aims to be a comprehensive guide for anyone who wants to get started with DarkRift no matter how much networking experience you have. Nevertheless, as someone who hates oversimplification, I’ll try and keep it interesting for people who do have networking experience!

If you want to learn DarkRift you’ll need a solid grasp of C# and a good knowledge of Unity. DarkRift also uses multithreading quite extensively so, although we won’t be using it in this tutorial, to get the most out of DarkRift you’ll need to understand multithreading very well!

As a tutorial, we’re going to recreate a popular game called We won’t implement all the features it has but we’ll get a basic system of moving and eating going and you can always add the others as an exercise afterwards.

Completed Project

The completed Agar project is available on GitHub in 2 parts: The Unity project and the Plugin .