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DarkRift.Server Namespace

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Public classClientConnectedEventArgs
Event arguments for the ClientConnected event.
Public classClientDisconnectedEventArgs
Event arguments for ClientDisconnected events.
Public classCommand
A command that can be issued on the server.
Public classCommandEngine
Handles commands sent into the server.
Public classCommandEventArgs
Event arguments for Command callbacks.
Public classCommandSyntaxException
Exception indicating a syntax error in a command invocation.
Public classDarkRiftInfo
Class containing info about the DarkRift server running.
Public classDarkRiftServer
The main server class.
Public classDarkRiftThreadHelper
Thread helper class for DarkRift.
Public classExtendedPluginBase
Base class for all Data Connectors and Plugins.
Public classExtendedPluginBaseLoadData
Public classInstallEventArgs
Event arguments for when a plugin has been installed.
Public classLoadedEventArgs
Event arguments for when plugins have loaded.
Public classLogWriter
Base class for all log writers.
Public classLogWriterLoadData
Public classMessageReceivedEventArgs
Arguments for the MessageReceived event.
Public classNetworkListener
Base class for all plugins providing network functionality.
Public classNetworkListenerLoadData
Data related to the listener's loading.
Public classNetworkServerConnection
Public classPlugin
Base class for DarkRift control plugins.
Public classPluginBase
Base class for all DarkRift plugins.
Public classPluginBaseLoadData
Base class for plugin load data.
Public classPluginLoadData
Data related to the plugin's loading.
Public classServerSpawnData
Details of how to start a new server.
Public classServerSpawnDataCacheSettings
Holds settings related to the object cache.
Public classServerSpawnDataDatabaseSettings
Holds settings related to loading databases for plugins.
Public classServerSpawnDataDatabaseSettingsDatabaseConnectionData
Holds data relating to a specific connection.
Public classServerSpawnDataDataSettings
Holds settings for persistent data storage.
Public classServerSpawnDataListenersSettings
Holds settings related to loading the listeners system.
Public classServerSpawnDataListenersSettingsNetworkListenerSettings
Holds settings about a network listener.
Public classServerSpawnDataLoggingSettings
Holds settings related to loading the logging system.
Public classServerSpawnDataLoggingSettingsLogWriterSettings
Holds settings about a log writer.
Public classServerSpawnDataPluginSearchSettings
Holds the paths to search for plugins from.
Public classServerSpawnDataPluginSearchSettingsPluginSearchPath
A path to search.
Public classServerSpawnDataPluginsSettings
Handles the settings for plugins.
Public classServerSpawnDataPluginsSettingsPluginSettings
Holds settings about a plugin.
Public classServerSpawnDataServerSettings
Holds settings related to the overall server.
Public classStrikeEventArgs
Event arguments for the StrikeOccured event.
Public classTimer
A timer for delaying execution or one-shot or repetative tasks.
Public classUpgradeEventArgs
Event arguments for plugin upgrades.
Public classWriteEventArgs
Arguments passed to loggers when reporting an event.
Public classXmlConfigurationException
An exception raised for invalid XML configuration files.
Public interfaceIClient
Server representation of a client.
Public interfaceIClientManager
Interface for the connection manager handling connections for the server.
Public interfaceIDatabaseManager
Manages the connection strings used by server plugins.
Public interfaceILogManager
An object that manages the server's log writers.
Public interfaceIMessageSinkSource
Interface for places messages can be sent to and from.
Public interfaceINetworkListenerManager
Interface for the listener manager that handles network listeners.
Public interfaceIPluginManager
Interface for the plugin manager that handles plugins.
Public delegateWriteEventHandler
A handler for writing log events.
Public enumerationDarkRiftInfoServerType
The type of server.
Public enumerationStrikeReason
Reasons for strikes to be issued to clients.