DarkRift 2

Newer, faster and better in every way.

The Best... And Then Some

We took the best features from DarkRift 1 and rewrote the entire codebase to consider every bit of feedback we’ve got over the last 3.5 years. Plugins, Unity and console based servers, commands, events and more are all still there; plus say hello to UDP support, anti-cheating systems, customizable logging, object oriented servers, XML configuration and so much more…

Bi-channel UDP and TCP Communication

DarkRift 2 introduces bi-channel communication through UDP and TCP so you can send messages quickly and reliably depending on your needs. You’re no longer chained to using one or the other and neither throttles or conflicts with the other for optimal performance. With the implementation comfortably abstracted to DarkRift, you just need to choose which and when to use them!

So, You Thought DarkRift 1 Was Well Optimized?

DarkRift 1 had a protocol overhead of 13 bytes, DarkRift 2 can go as low as just 3 bytes on UDP.

We’re taking every opportunity to optimize DarkRift 2 to make it as fast, as efficient and as powerful as you could ever need and our extensive multithreading expertise helps take advantage of every CPU core and thread in your servers.

public class APlugin : Plugin
    public override Version Version => new Version(1, 0, 0);
    public override bool ThreadSafe => true;
    public APlugin (PluginLoadData pluginLoadData)
        : base(pluginLoadData)
        WriteEvent("Hello World!", LogType.Info);

Extensive, Navigable Documentation

Our documentation has all been centralized so that tutorials, references, and how-to guides are all in one easy to find place online. We’ve also added search functionality and more links to make navigation as simple and easy as possible.

Indie Friendly

Unlike other networking solutions, our license allows you to have unlimited users for free.

As in: No cost at all.

If you feel like you still need more though, DarkRift Pro gives you more optimizations and more features to speed up your game’s development.

Free vs. Pro

In case you're wondering what the difference between the Free and Pro versions are, we've summed it up. All differences are in features, not CCU like other networking solutions. You can deploy with DarkRift Free and never pay a dime, cent or penny (choose your currency of choice)!

General Free Pro
Unlimited Concurrent Users
UDP Support
TCP Support
IPv6 Support
.NET Framework Support
.NET Core/Standard Support
Reference Source Code
Server Systems Free Pro
Console Based Servers
Unity Based Servers
Custom Server Plugins (Authoritativeness)
Custom Logging Plugins
XML Configuration
Custom Server Commands
Multithreaded Pipeline and Dispatcher
Custom Network Listeners
Plugin Installation/Upgrade System
Extended Client Statistics
Extended Inter-plugin Access
Extended Strike System
Chat Filter (Bad Word Filter)
Inter-server Communication Coming 2019
Area of Interest System (Helper) Coming 2020
Support Free Pro
Community Support
Email Support

Help at Hand

We're continuing to build our community and increase the number of DarkRift devs out there. You can follow the development of DarkRift 2, discuss updates, or ask for help on the Unity forums or community run Discord server. If that doesn't suit you, just send us an email.