DarkRift 1

The original, super-fast networking system.


DarkRift 1 is a turbo-charged networking library designed to cope with the highest demand you can could ever have for it. DarkRift has no Area-Of-Interest or Room mangement systems taking up precious clock cycles; data just comes in, goes to your plugins and then goes straight out again so that there's nothing slowing you down.

Easy to Learn

DarkRift Networking is so simple that there's hardly anything you need to learn! In fact, it only takes 20 minutes to complete our plugin tutorial and you'll be ready to start writing your own. All you need to work with DarkRift is a good grounding in .NET.

In fact, here's all it takes to make a plugin...

public class APlugin : Plugin
    public override string name         { get { return "A Plugin";            }}
    public override string version      { get { return "1.0";                 }}
    public override Command[] commands  { get { return new Command[0];        }}
    public override string author       { get { return "Your Name";           }}
    public override string supportEmail { get { return "example@example.com"; }}
    public APlugin ()
        Interface.Log ("Hello World");

Multithreaded, Event based

Threads run through even the deepest code of DarkRift Networking allowing it to take advantage of all your server's cores and make the best use of your hardware.

Everything's thread based so you can easily subscribe to what you want and you dont have to worry about polling connections, managing callbacks or blocking/nonblocking calls. Just sit back, relax and let DarkRift handle it for you.

Utilize Unity's full feature list

Need physics? Maybe Navmesh? DarkRift servers can run from inside Unity giving you access to everything Unity has. Physics, pathfinding and infact anything you can find on the Asset Store are all available to your server.


DarkRift was designed to be the best choice for any game you want to make. If you're working on an FPS, Card game, RTS, MMO or in fact anything that requires multiplayer then choose DarkRift.

After all, you can get it for free...

But of course there's tonnes more...

  • Database integration
  • Lightweight API
  • Command line based server management
  • Automatic and manual serialization
  • A great community
  • Email support