Many of the emails I receive ask the same questions and so I have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions here in order to save you the hassle of having to ask.

The source code for the original DarkRift is not available with any of the licenses, even as an extra purchase. I also have no plans to release the source code for DarkRift 2 I'm afraid.

Of course it is! Room-based and arena games are fairly easy to do on the server side, you simply need to make note of who is in each room and then subscribe to the ConnectionService.onDistribute event to distribute messages to only those in the room.

DarkRift 2 is also going to have some very nice features that will make room based games even easier to build: they'll allow you to communicate between servers, spawn new instances of servers and also create object based servers.

Definitely! MMO's aren't easy to build as they require quite extensive knowledge before you take up the challenge but DarkRift is perfectly suited for them.

In DarkRift 2 there will also be even better support for splitting players across a large numbers of servers and communicating between those servers more easily making it a prime candidate for any MMO.

DarkRift is designed to be hosted in the cloud and therefore peer-to-peer architectures are not covered in the licenses. Because of this NAT punchthrough is not needed and therefore it is not implemented.
DarkRift is just the software that runs on the server, like Apache is for websites. If you're ready for hosting then personally I recommend Microsoft Azure.
Currently DarkRift doesn't support UDP but DarkRift 2 will support both UDP and Reliable UDP (RUDP) as well as TCP.
Yep! You can run DarkRift servers on Linux by using the Mono runtime!
Sadly not as the license doesn't allow it and DarkRift was also only designed to run from the cloud.

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