DarkRift 2

Written from the ground up

DarkRift is being rewritten from the ground up in order to apply everything we've learnt these past years onto a clean slate. That means better flexibility, more functionality and making it even easier to use while still keeping all the features people know and love. We're aiming high with the new DarkRift and we hope you're going to be impressed!


The new DarkRift is being based off of our own homegrown networking library, Hazel, which supports TCP, UDP and RUDP communication and provides us with a connection orientated, message based, event driven framework.

Hazel is designed around being a framework anyone can use so we're making it free and open source for you guys.

Get it here!

What's so good?

Funny you should ask...

TCP, UDP & RUDP based communications
Object orientated servers
Redesigned threading system
Built in room system
Plugin installation and upgrading
Anti-cheat systems
XML based configuration
Brand new, comprehensive tutorial And so much more...

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